5 Core Research Areas and Applications

research area

High Performance Scientific Computing

High-performance scientific computing studies how to use supercomputers to solve large-scale and complex problems in terms of computer architecture, parallel algorithms, and software development. The centre intends to carry out research on the following two aspects:

  • Scalable Algorithms
  • Mathematical Software

Computational Mathematics

computationl math

A branch of mathematics that studies how to carry out mathematical modeling for practical problems, design and analyze numerical methods for models, in order to obtain high-quality approximate solutions to problems. The centre intends to conduct research around the following three aspects:

  • Numerical PDEs
  • Numerical Linear Algebra
  • Inverse Problems

Statistics & Applied Probability

Statistics and Applied Probability Data-driven applied mathematics discipline Exploring the logic behind practical problems through constructing statistical methods. Combining current international theoretical research hotspots and social development needs, the centre intends to conduct research on the following three aspects:

  • Random Matrix
  • Statistics for Stochastic Processes
  • Statistical Asymptotic Theory
statistics & applied probability

Mathematics of Machine Learning

The research on the mathematical theory of machine learning is still in the initial stage of exploration. A large number of empirical methods are very effective in practical applications, but the mathematical theory behind it is still poorly understood. The centre intends to carry out the following three aspects of research:

  • Model Order Reduction
  • Non convex Optimization
  • Tensor Theory


The branch of applied mathematics studies the extreme value problems of functions under given constraints, and has a wide range of applications in control engineering, machine learning and other fields. The centre intends to conduct research around the following three aspects:

  • Stochastic Optimization
  • Operations Research
  • Convex Optimization


Natural disaster simulation and prediction in the Greater Bay Area

Mathematical research in biomedicine

Mathematical problems in nanomaterials

Betting game design issues

Massively parallel calculation and real time analysis of financial UHF data

Mathematical methods in machine learning